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A comfortable night sleep is necessary to start next day with new mind power. It has been observed that people become unhappy when they feel uncomfortable during night hours. There are several things involved in this successful mattress cleaning. For example, a dirty mattress, and odor ridden mattress and the presence of bed bugs in the bed. There is a need to focus on proper mattress cleaning by the hands of professionals. This enables the people to get a mattress free from allergies and other biting insects. We clean all types of mattresses in all of Staten Island. We remove all the stains and odors using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, ensuring a secure atmosphere for your family and pets. We service both residential and commercial. We offer free estimates 7 days a week. Early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays. We will match any competitor’s reasonably written estimate by 10%.

Mattresses We Clean

Our services are based on modern methods and practices. All the services have been organized according to the customer’s demands and perspectives. We have ensured to determine the high-quality service provision in less time. This is our main objective to deliver the hassle free mattress cleaning services to our customers in Staten Island. Our company has a great professional and technical experience because it is working for 20 + years.

Below you will find a list of some of the mattresses we clean.

Pocketed Coil
Natural Fiber
Memory Foam
Pillow \Tope
Adjustable Beds

How We Clean

At Staten Island Carpet Cleaner, our experts have been carefully educated in the discipline of cleaning a mattress. We utilize only 100% natural products such as cleansers. These are top green techniques with a studied and confirmed effectiveness to eliminate all harmful allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, pollen and other toxins from the mattress. We are proud to offer specialized natural and eco-friendly cleaning service in Staten Island. Select from our variety of inexpensive green cleaning choices for home or office. This will ensure complete protection of occupants in a natural way. Our main focus is the removal of allergies from your home. It is believed that Staten Island has become the main hub for the infections such as asthma. All these infections are because of the dust and dirt accumulation from the outside. There is a need to focus on the efforts to protect the interior of home or office. It would be better to start from the mattress cleaning because this is a place for germs and pollens. We have a specialized crew members having great knowledge and experience to determine the best cleaning techniques. Don’t be worried about the not so clean mattresses. We will clean and remove stains such as, urine, feces, vomit, food, water and all other stains.

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